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Exploration of Wavegenetics & Wave Immunity

Peter Gariaev, A. A. Kokaya, E. A. Leonova-Gariaeva, E. R. Muldashev, M. V. Smelov, G. G. Tertishny, N. V. Ustinova


In this paper we demonstrate a possible approach/technology based on electromagnetic fields/waves which allows biological systems to trigger resistance mechanisms to protect the organism from the toxins such as geptil. The data obtained also has wider implications beyond demonstration of possible wave defensive antidote-effect. The data requires theoretical consideration related to (quantum) mechanisms of genetic apparatus functions in multicell biosystems. At this stage, we propose three hypotheses of wave processes: (1) “Reading or scanning” from bio-structures of donor genetic-metabolic wave information (data); (2) Remote addressed transmission of it, introduction of the information in to the biosystem-acceptor; and (3) metabolism management using that information.

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