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Quantum Genes[?]: Bell’s Theorem, Quantum Entanglement, Consciousness & Evolution

Graham P. Smetham


The supporters of the hardcore materialist MUD worldview tend to consider, without actually thinking too much (if at all), that anyone involved in scientifically investigating the nature of quantum reality and its relationship to the ‘observer’ as being so irredeemably infected with what these ‘rationalists’ call ‘woo’ that they should not be taken seriously. In this article we take a more in depth look at the crucial issues raised by the paper that Tsakiris unsuccessfully attempted to draw to the unwilling attention of Jerry Coyne.  For physicists such as Bohm, Planck, Schrödinger, Heisenberg and others, consciousness, or potential consciousness, is an innate and inseparable aspect of the quantum immaterial realm which underlies the apparently material realm.  Furthermore, as Bohm states, “every part of the universe is related to every other part but in different degrees;” this interconnection accounts for a deep level of the evolutionary interrelationships between creatures and environments.  Because of the deeply connected nature of the quantum field there must be a quantum informational interconnection between environments and the creatures within them.

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