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Biocosmology: Part I

Chris King


Twenty years ago (King 1978) I proposed the biocosmological thesis that the form of life's origin and evolution is a cosmological interactive process defined in the cosmic symmetry-breaking at the origin of the universe. With the passage of time, the pendulum has shifted from the improbability of life as a random molecular accident to an awareness that central biomolecules may be cosmologically abundant products of the clouds forming young stars leading to an RNA-era in which both catalysis and replication emerged from one cosmologically dervied molecule RNA. . This paper unveils the non-linear quantum foundations of biocosmology as the founding science of life. Part I of this paper covers the following topics: 1. Paradise on the Cosmic Equator; 2. Generating a Complex Twisted Universe; 3. The Abudantly Fecund Universe; 4. Quantum Chemistry as Non-Linear Complexity; 5. The Non-recurrent Table and the Elementary Bifurcation Tree; 6. Structural Dynamics of Core Polymerization Pathways; 7. RNA and Cosmology; 8. Diverse Horizons of the RNA Epoch; 9. Universal Stability Structures in Molecular Biology; 10. The Last Universal Common Ancestor; and 11. The Precocious Origins of Life on Earth.

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