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Is Genetic Code Part of Fundamental Physics in TGD Framework?

Matti Pitkanen


Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) leads to 3 basic realizations of the genetic code. Besides the chemical realization, there is a realization in terms of dark proton sequences (dark nuclei) with 3-proton state representing codon. Ordinary DNA strands would be accompanied by dark magnetic flux tubes carrying the dark proton triplets. Also RNA, amino-acids and tRNA would have dark proton analogs. The third realization is in terms of dark photon triplets and involves the notion of bio-harmony modeled in terms of icosahedral and tetrahedral geometries with 3-chords of light assigned to the triangular faces of icosahedron and tetrahedron. 12-note scale is realized as a Hamiltonian cycle for icosahedron with the step between nearest neighbor vertices for the cycle realized as a quint scaling of frequency. The 3-chords correspond to the triangular faces of the icosahedron. Also tetrahedral realization of 4-note scale is necessary in order to obtain genetic code. DNA codons correspond to triangular faces and the orbit of a given triangle under the symmetries of the icosahedral harmony correspond to DNA codons coding for the amino acid assigned with the orbit. Vertebrate genetic code emerges as a prediction. Codon corresponds to 6 bits: this is information in the usual computational sense. Bio-harmony codes for a mood: emotional information related to emotional intelligence. Bio-harmony would be a fundamental representation of emotional information realized already at the molecular level. Dark photon 3-chords and more generally, 3N-chords representing genes, would mediate interaction between various realizations.

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