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Quantum Evo-Devo Universe: Quantum Evolution and the Evidence of Evolutionary-Developmental Biology

Graham P. Smetham


All animals, of whatever species whatsoever, share a fundamental genetic structure which underpins a hierarchical development of differentiation. It is shown here that when this revolution in our understanding of the functioning of genes and the DNA components of genes is placed in the context of the other great twentieth century revolution in science – the quantum revolution – the new metaphysical worldview which emerges goes far beyond the new vistas currently being explored by the Evo Devo community. In particular, it will become clear that the primary process of evolution is not that which takes place over time on the material plane but, rather, it is that process of development which cascades from a deep quantum level of intentionality through a sequence of immaterial and subtle ‘implicate orders’ of ‘unfoldment’, to use the terminology coined by physicist David Bohm, until there is apparent manifestation on the ‘material’ plane’. This article is adopted from one of the chapters in Graham’s latest book ‘The Grand Designer’ which can be found at

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