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Are there Direct Evidence for Dark DNA?

Matti Pitkanen


Sciencedaily tells about extremely interesting finding related to DNA.  What has been found is that knock-out (removing parts of gene to prevent transcription to mRNA) and knock-down of gene (prevent protein translation) seem to have different consequences. Removing parts of gene need not have the expected effect at the level of proteins.  Does this mean that somehow DNA as a whole can compensate the effects caused by knock-out but not those by knock-down? This explanation is natural in the standard conceptual framework and is proposed in the article. Could TGD provide explanation in terms of more fundamental representation of genetic codons as states of dark protons forming analogs of dark nuclei identified as string like objects accompanying ordinary DNA? Could all basic biopolymers be accompanied by their dark analogs identified in this manner and could transcription and translation occur at dark level and could their chemical counterparts be kind of shadow processes?

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