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A Possible Quantum Control Mechanism in TGD-inspired Biology

Matti Pitkanen


The idea that TGD Universe is quantum critical is the corner stone of quantum TGD and fixes the theory more or less uniquely since the only coupling constant parameter of the theory - Kahler coupling strength - is analogous to critical temperature. Also, more than one basic parameter are in principle possible - maximal quantum criticality fixes the values of all of them - but it seems that only Kahler coupling strength is needed.  TGD Universe is a quantum critical fractal: like a ball at the top of hill. Quantum criticality allows one to avoid the fine tuning problems plaguing as a rule various unified theories. In this article the recent discovery of that SmBr6 behaves simultaneously as a conductor and insulator in external magnetic field led to a TGD based model relying on quantum criticality. Quantum criticality corresponds to a situation in which Landau orbits emerges as an orbit at the surface of the magnetic flux tube and should lead to generation of large heff phases if TGD based view about quantum criticality holds true. This also leads to an identification of quantum bio-control mechanism based on the variation of the thickness of magnetic flux tubes inducing by flux conservation the variation of field strength controlling quantum critical currents flowing along the flux tubes. This mechanism is expected to play a central role in living matter.

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