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The Strange World of Wave Genetics

Peter P. Gariaev, E. A. Leonova


All biochemical and genetic processes have electromagnetic and audio components. These wave attributes of metabolism and genetic processes can be controlled by the metabolism and thus biosystems. This understanding allows us to remove the accumulated numerous difficulties and contradictions of the old model of the genetic code, which is not to be denied, but incoprated as a part of a whole within the concepts of wave genetics [1-39]. Wave genetics originated in the last century in Russia is a promising breakthrough [1-39]. An initial theory of wave genetics was developed in [40]. As for the experimental evidence of the reality of the existence of wave genes in the form of actual text-like structures and mobile holographic constructions chromosome continuum, there have been several breakthroughs. Increasing evidence support the hypothesis that DNA is a text, not in the metaphorical sense but in the real sense.

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