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The Essence of Linguistic & Wave Genetics in Theory and Practice

Peter P. Gariaev


A new branch of biology and medicine, linguistics-wave-enetics, is proposed. This new branch will be based on the understanding of the genetic apparatus as Quantum Biocomputer (QB) with the characteristic elements of consciousness and thought. The main principles of QB are based on holographic and quantum non-locality. The pilot model of the artificial world is created with laser-based technologies. QB will be capable of the following functions of bio-computation: a) reading wave of genetic information from chromosomes and cell tissue; b) scanning for converting (recording information) laser photons modulated wide-spectrum electromagnetic radiation (mShEI) keeping received primary photon of genetic information; c) wave broadcasting genetic information at macro distances; d) the introduction of genetic information in mShEI form the body of the recipient in its intracellular water; and e) programmable managment and corrections of metabolism, physiology of the recipient, such as a patient or the old man. This new branch is theoretically substantiated and experimentally demonstrated in our research.

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