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A God of Evolution? - The Case for Quantum Intelligent Design & Quantum Darwinian Evolution

Graham P. Smetham


The quantum Platonic perspective, which supports the view that species are prefigured as quantum potentiality, is far more consistent with all current scientific evidence than the materialist Darwinian account, which is still the dominant scientific belief system. Quantum physics and  the spectacular evidence of evolutionary developmental biology provides cogent support for quantum Darwinian evolution, although many evolutionary biologists are desperately trying to force the new Evo-Devo insights, which are contrary to the Darwinian worldview, into an awkward Darwinian demeanour.  The materialist worldview, often alongside an atheistic agenda, is generally taken for granted, and therefore proponents of the materialist account of Darwinism assert that the materialist Darwinian account of evolution must be true.  In this situation it is remarkable to find some academics asserting both theism and materialist Darwinism at the same time, claiming that these domains should be kept separate. By analyzing some of the arguments of theistic materialist Darwinists such as Robert Asher much can be learned about fundamental flaws in the materialist account of evolution. It does not take a great deal of contemplation to see that the various pieces of evidence which are claimed to be evidence for the materialist Darwinian account of  evolution do not constitute a watertight and irrefutable case.  It is, rather, the case that these various claimed evidences are fitted into a preconceived materialist Darwinian account of evolution. Furthermore it is easily demonstrated that the notion of an intelligent source of the process of reality is entirely inconsistent with materialist Darwinian notions of ‘random mutation’ and ‘natural selection’. The Quantum Platonic perspective and quantum Darwinian evolution (QDEism) provides a ‘middle ground’ which undercuts the incoherencies in both atheistic materialist Darwinism and theistic materialist Darwinism.

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