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Why Materialists’ Evolution is False: Jerry Coyne Short-Changes the Public with a Far from True Account of Evolution

Graham P. Smetham


Coyne is an ardent materialist and his brand of evolution ‘theory’ is materialist, and as such he must assert the existence of a material world which is independent of all acts of observation. He must also believe in a ‘local’ reality, which is a reality within which aspects of the ‘material’ world do not have what Einstein called ‘spooky’ instantaneous interconnections between vastly distant elements of reality. Both of these claims are shown to be false by the core discovery of quantum theory which is termed ‘entanglement’. Very precise quantum experiments have been carried out over and over again testing an inequality called ‘Bell’s inequality’. It is clear that new evolutionary forms can take shape within ‘hidden’ quantum levels of the evolutionary process of reality. And because the quantum realm has access to non-local information and mechanisms such as the quantum ‘look-ahead’ algorithm, the quantum levels of evolution can ‘feel’ out the future nature of evolving environments and thereby quantumly prepare the evolving quantum template of an animal to ‘fit’ the environment it is about to inhabit.

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