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Dawkins’ Darwinism Part II: The Tall Tale of Giraffe Evolution

Graham P. Smetham


Dawkins’ hypothetical materialist fantasies concerning evolution amount to little more than evolutionary fairy tales, and yet they are accepted as soundly established ‘science’ by many. One such story is that the giraffe’s neck gradually evolved, the neck becoming longer millimeter by millimeter over a long time period. The fairy tale account suggested by Darwin and still often repeated in text books is that of the fact that giraffes need to browse on higher tree branches during droughts, thus natural selection ‘favours’ long necks. This is now known to be false.  Dawkins confidently asserts that the “good guess” that giraffes evolved gradually from an okapi-like ancestor is “supported by fossil evidence”, this is also false.  In fact the physiology of the giraffe indicates the flawed nature of Dawkins’ account of a materialist evolution through the mechanisms of random mutation ‘filtered’ by natural selection. The fact of the dramatic coordinated and interrelated nature of the various features which support the giraffe’s long neck indicates that there is no way this situation could, nor is there any evidence that it did, come about through natural selection.

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