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Dawkins’ Darwinism Part I: Evolution – The Greatest Illusion on Earth and the New Quantum Platonic Paradigm

Graham P. Smetham


Many of the claims of Materialist Ultra-Darwinist (MUD) worldview are desperately implausible, having about the same credibility as fairy stories. For example, if we accept Dawkins claim that the development of new adaptations is very gradual, the ancestor with the pouch mutation would still at this initial point be giving birth via egg birth. However we are supposed to believe, according to the DUD-MUD account, that there is some subtle slight alteration in the direction of pouch birth. Now in order for this slight new mutational ‘something’, indicating the possibility of the future development of pouch birth, to actually get ‘favoured’ it must be advantageous in some way at that point in time. But how could this possibly be true? What kind of environment could make the potentiality of pouch birth signaled by a non-noticeable mutation, significantly more advantageous than an egg one? The egg birth process was presumably working perfectly well otherwise these pouch-mutant mammals would have died out before they became fully pouch endowed. What kind of mutated mind could possibly believe such a desperately implausible scenario?   The only way this scenario could possibly make sense is if there is some kind of quantum evolutionary ‘look-ahead’ mechanism as suggested by Mensky.

The only possible explanation which accords with current scientific knowledge is that there is a deep level of quantum interconnection between an environment and the ‘design’ of the species found in that environment. And such an interconnection has been shown to exist; it is called ‘quantum entanglement’. This can happen precisely because the ‘themes’ for all the possibilities of life, including organisms and environments, are potential within the Platonic quantum fields of potentiality, and when they are expressed and manifested they do so in a manner which is, in the main, coherent and consistent, the inhabitants fitting, because of the patterning of the internal potentialities, the manifested environments.  When the evidence is examined with precision it becomes clear that the MUD worldview is incoherent and a new quantum Platonic paradigm must supplant it.

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