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Evolution in Many-Sheeted Space-Time: Expanding Earth Model & Pre-Cambrian Evolution

Matti Pitkanen


In this fourth article quantum variant of expanding earth model and pre-Cambrian evolution of continents, climate, and life are developed. Cambrian explosion represents a rather mysterious period in biology: new highly developed phylas emerged out of nowhere. A second strange finding is that continents would fit together to form single super-continent covering entire Earth's surface at time of Cambrian explosion if the radius of Earth would have been one half of its recent value. TGD inspired quantum cosmology predicts that astrophysical objects do not follow cosmic expansion except in jerk-wise quantum leaps increasing the gigantic value of the gravitational Planck constant characterizing space-time mediating gravitational interactions between two masses or gravitational self-interactions. This assumption provides explanation for the apparent cosmological constant. Also planets are predicted to expand in a stepwise manner. This provides a new version of Expanding Earth theory originally postulated to explain the intriguing findings suggesting that continents have once formed a connected continent covering almost the entire surface of Earth but with radius which was one half of the recent one. This leads also to a rather fascinating vision about biology.

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