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Three New Physics Realizations of the Genetic Code and the Role of Dark Matter in Bio-systems

Matti Pitkanen


TGD inspired quantum biology leads naturally to the idea that several realizations of genetic code exist. Besides the realizations based on temporal patterns of electromagnetic  fields I have considered three different new physics  realizations of the genetic code based the notions of many-sheeted space-time,  magnetic body, and the hierarchy of Planck constants explaining dark matter in TGD framework. The basic proposal is that dark baryon counterparts of basic bio-molecules and genetic code were present from beginning and gave rise to pre-biotic life at the magnetic flux tubes so that the evolution of biological life meant the development of translation and transcription mechanisms allowing to transform dark baryon variants of the codons to their chemical variants. These mechanisms would be still at work inside the living cell and allow the living matter to perform genetic engineering. This proposal is consistent with recent findings about large variations of genomes inside organism.

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