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A Model for Protein Folding and Biocatalysis

Matti Pitkanen


The model for the evolution of genetic code leads to the idea that the folding of proteins obeys a folding code inherited from the genetic code.  The flux connections between molecules containing dark matter in macroscopic quantum phase and characterized by two integers are the basic new physics element of the model. After some trials one ends up with a general conceptualization of the situation with the identification of magnetic flux tubes as correlates of attention at molecular level so that a direct connection with TGD inspired theory of consciousness emerges at quantitative level. This allows a far reaching generalization of the DNA as topological quantum computer paradigm and makes it much more detailed. By their asymmetric character hydrogen bonds are excellent candidates for contracted magnetic flux tubes serving as correlates of attention at molecular level. One can consider two models. In the first model the flux tubes between amino-acids are assumed to determine the protein folding. The second model represents a diametrical opposite of the first model in the sense in that it assumes flux tube connections only between amino-acids and water molecules.

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