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Part II: An Intelligent Face to Evolution: Humans - Exploring Ideas Integrating Space and Time

Robert W. Campbell


This article completes our excursion through the universal hierarchy of the evolutionary order on the planet. The hierarchy itself gives us many clues as to the modus operandi of the creative process, especially when we draw parallels to the structuring of a business enterprise. The fact that this pattern is there in any creative process is itself compelling evidence of intelligence at work in the evolutionary process, just as it is at work in the organization and integration of experience generally. On whatever scale we may choose to examine living processes, similar hierarchies can be identified. This can hardly be the result of blind chance. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the cosmic order is that it can evolve sentient beings capable of knowing itself distinct from itself as a supremely intelligent System integrating the whole of experience on a universal scale. It is the universal basis of all Being. Everything in the universe is interrelated and interdependent in a bewildering maze of interactions, yet a conscious mind can rise through the ranks of biological evolution to transcend its own roots in the universe.

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