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Part II: An Intelligent Face to Evolution: Introducing Some New Ideas

Robert W. Campbell


A brief review of System 3 as it applies to atomic theory, relativity and cosmology illustrates that the universe is projected as a very rapid succession of synchronous still frames in a cosmic movie. Atoms are three dimensional particles in each still frame alternating with timeless and formless quantum energy equivalents in quantum frames that collectively constitute the boundless Void. Because the Void is timeless atoms are waves and particles at the same time. The Void spans and integrates history such that historic integration is an evolutionary theme consistent with the universal hierarchy of System 4 that is plainly evident in nature. There are four active interfaces in the System 4 hierarchy that define nine possible Terms that mutually transform through interacting sequences. Because of the self-similar nature of universal hierarchies each of the four active interfaces elaborated with four active interfaces nested within it. In succeeding articles this aspect of the universal System 4 hierarchy will be shown clearly evident in the evolutionary record.

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