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Part I: A Critique of River Out of Eden: The Digital Adam and Eve

Robert W. Campbell


The incredibly complex interdependent structural processes of the cell as it relates to organs and the host creature are not understood and yet Darwinists of Dawkins’ persuasion insist that it works and evolves by accident. The only purpose is the survival of DNA sequences in a digital river out of Eden that reduces us all to mindless robots driven by greed. Recent evidence confirms each protein coding gene can code for many proteins through a complex variety of processes and epigenetic factors that can also employ the non coding sequences that constitute more than 95% of the human genome. New behavioral patterns are accommodated and can be heritable over generations without altering base-pair sequences of DNA. The emergence of the relatively fixed vertebrate body plan with cerebral hemispheres anchored to an autonomic nervous system anticipated developments 400 million in the future together with hierarchical developments in the plants and invertebrates in tandem with geological evolution.

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