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Novel Approaches to Genomic Science: Retrieval & Curation

Iona Miller


From 2000-2006 Emergent Mind published the open-source, nonprofit and peer-reviewed Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions. This journal was founded by Lian Sidorov, PhD, who served as the Executive Editor, with Iona Miller and Leane Roffey Line serving as Assistant Editors. It mapped the frontiers of consciousness and mind-matter interaction.  Sidorov is a physicist and put together a superb global team of researchers. The aim was to create a road map for the future of mind-body research and energy medicine, genetic architecture and regulation, studies in consciousness-related anomalies, and experiments in a comprehensive academic psi research program to provide critical references.

Dr. Sidorov continues working under the International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) umbrella, which proposes the establishment of a world-wide, cross-disciplinary network of researchers, technical experts and volunteers committed to a sustained, active participation in this exploratory effort. They propose the creation of an open, searchable database of article pre-prints (including experimental proposals and reports, case studies and testable hypotheses). Both the ICRL and Quantum Dream, Inc. projects support conceptual and infrastructural platforms of open-source scientific inclusion, among novel approaches for the representation and assessment of scientific knowledge in modeling, experimentation and education.

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