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Perspectives on the Origin of Life in Exoplanets as a Phenomenon Generated by a 3D Quantum Vacuum

David Fiscaletti


A model of the origin of life in exoplanets as a phenomenon generated by a quantum potential of a three-dimensional quantum vacuum acting as a reservoir of heat is proposed, which implies that the probability of life in exoplanets is determined by the heat that describes the interaction between the living organism and its environment, the surface temperature of the planet and the fluctuations of the quantum vacuum energy density in the region into consideration. It is shown how, in this picture, not only the parameters of the planet and the star influence the habitability of a planet and the duration of the habitability, but also a quantum term associated with the action of the quantum potential of the vacuum which implies that life is a global non-local property which can transmit instantaneously from a region to another of the universe.

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