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Information Storage for Life Processes

Gene H. Barbee


There is a parallel between the information that produces fundamental laws and life processes. In each case we observe, not the information, but the results of quantum mechanical equations: (1) Information → Schrodinger based protons and electrons that define the laws of nature; and (2) Information → Schrodinger/Feynman based evolution of body/vision/brain. Another interesting parallel is that the Information → life process is cyclical because information must be stored and unfolded as the body redevelops. The information stored appears to be fundamental and shared. It is reasonable to believe there was pre-existing information associated with creation. Information creation is a mathematical process related to probability. Probability is a ratio - One thing compared to everything else. It is possible that the Mind of creation holds information, including the information in the processes above. This article studies information storage for three life processes (body, perception, and brain). They occur later by several billion years but it is reasonable to suspect that (our) mind develops within the Mind of creation.

Processes with two levels will be discussed. Information will be called level 1 and the result of an equation (computation) will be called level 2. The life processes require input and learning. For example, vision is based on light input, the body is dependent on DNA evolution and the brain requires feedback to develop networks. An equation developed by Feynman for light absorption yields a probability that depends on matching input wavelengths with stored wavelengths. Wavelength*probability are stored in molecules (level 1) and we perceive the equation output as color vision (level 2). There is evidence that Mind and mind use the same information code. Is our information more enduring than we think? Can nature recreate us with information similar to the way DNA information reconstructs the body? Could a goal of creation be the potential of ongoing creation?

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