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Could Cancer Be a Disease of Magnetic Body?

Dana Flavin, Matti Pitkanen


Li and Heroux have made a highly interesting discovery. The treatment of cancer cell population by 60Hz oscillating magnetic field with extremely small strength above 25nT leads to a reduction of the abnormally large chromosome number of the mitochondria of cancer cells and eventually the cancer cells return to the normal state. TGD based explanation for the findings relies on the basic notions of TGD inspired quantum biology. The basic notions are magnetic body (MB) and hierarchy of Planck constants heff = nh0 (h = 6h0) emerging from the adelic physics as a prediction but originally proposed on basis of anomalous effects of ELF em fields in living matter. The value of n can be relatively small or very large corresponding to flux tubes mediating em and gravitational interactions. The anatomy of MB has remained unclear hitherto but in this article a detailed model is developed allowing to understand the formula hgr = heff =ngrh0 for gravitational Planck constant and leading to a further formula for hgr relating magnetism and gravitation. A further central notion is TGD based model for water memory as the ability of the MB of water to control the thickness of its flux tubes to entrain with external frequencies and reproduce them. This is a central element in the TGD based view about immune systems and homeopathic effects. Cancer would reduce to a disease of the MB of the system, to a high degree determined by MB of water and homeopathy like treatment based on irradiated water could serve as a cure. The model is applied both to the findings of Montagnier's group about remote regeneration of DNA without template and to those of Li and Heroux.

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