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A Case Report of Tooth Regeneration in Dog through Wave Genetics

Peter P. Gariaev, P. P. Vlasov, R. A. Poltavtseva, L. L. Voloshin, E. A. Leonova-Gariaeva


A preliminary study showing dog tooth regeneration through wave genetics is reported. Regeneration was carried out by a special laser technology based on an expanded understanding of the principles of genetic coding. One of such principles predicts the existence of quantum equivalents of working genes. The multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (“MMSC”) derived from human adipose tissue were pre-treated with human tooth rudiment quantum genetic information (MBER) and transplanted to the area of a test dog where the tooth was removed. The control area where the tooth was also removed was left untreated. After 9 months, a complete regeneration of the tooth was observed in the test dog. In the control area, there was no regeneration.

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