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Clustering of RNA Polymerase Molecules & Comorosan Effect

Matti Pitkanen


Ibrahim Cisse and colleagues have made interesting discoveries about the clustering of RNA II polymerase molecules and so called mediator molecules. The clustering can be understood in terms of the notion of a tensor network formed from molecules connected by magnetic flux tubes carrying dark matter as heff = n x h phases. Dark protons are especially interesting and would form a representation of genetic code realized in water already during prebiotic phase. A further interesting finding is that time scales coming as multiples of 5 second time scale are associated with the clustering of both RNA II polymerase molecules and mediator molecules. These time scales were discovered long time ago by Comorosan and claimed to be a universal feature of bio-catalysis. During years I have made several attempts to understand these time scales in terms of Josephson junctions between the reacting bio-molecules but failed to find a convincing explanation. The Josephson junction model combined with the notion of gravitational Planck constant and the vision about dark nuclei  however leads to a correct prediction for these time scales and is consistent with several other TGD inspired hypothesis relating to quantum biology and predicts correctly the time scale of nerve pulse.

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