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TGD Views on the Roles of Lithium, Phosphate & Posner Molecule in Quantum Biology

Matti Pitkanen


In this essay, I compare the work of Fisher proposing that phosphate ion and calcium phosphate known as Posner molecule are fundamental for quantum neuroscience. Phosphate ion show nuclear spin could serve as qubit able to get enzymatically entangled and make possible a transfer of qubits. Posner molecule would serve as unit of quantum memory. I describe first what might be called Lithium mystery, which served as a motivation of Fisher and summarize also the TGD view about the role of Lithium. The model of Fisher for how phosphate ion and Posner molecule could play a central role quantum neural processing is described. I also summarize the TGD view about the situation suggesting that Posner molecule might indeed have deep role. What puts bells ringing is that ELF radiation at frequencies equal to multiples of 15 Hz cyclotron frequency for Calcium ion in endogenous magnetic field Bend=.2 Gauss was found by Blackman and others to have effects on vertebrate brain. Furthermore, the cyclotron frequency of phosphate ion in endogenous magnetic field Bend corresponds to the 11 Hz at the top of alpha band defining a fundamental biorhythm. A further interesting observation is that the 6 spin states of phosphate ions could realize genetic code.

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