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The Resplendence Codex: Reflowering Apocalypse in the Tree of Life (Part III)

Chris King


This article was written in response to a life-and death wake-up call, in which I realized I needed urgently to write down before it was too late and the threads became scattered and lost. Resplendence is an innovative concept and nascent social movement, complementing science and transcending religion, with the wisdom of conscious insight and motivation, to reflower the planet as a living paradise, abundantly resilient over evolutionary time, and ultimately, to reach to the stars.

Part III of this four-part article includes: 9. Resplendence: A Paradigm beyond Religion to Reparadise the Earth; 10. Transcendence and the Physical Universe; 11. Ten Clarifications on the Nature of Existence; and 12. Accounting Religious Apocalypse and its Greening in the Traditions.

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