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Unity Principle, Quantum Information & DNA (Part I)

Peter Kohut


The information essence of the Universe dominates over its physical aspect. Its dynamic hierarchic information structure is a manifestation of a divine Mind with its Idea (Intelligence), so the Universe is rational and comprehensible for us. The information coded in DNA reflects the whole universal information at its own level of complexity. This information coded in DNA creates the whole holographic image of a living organism that should be evolved. DNA manages through its instructions the building of biophysical body, which form is given in a quantum holographic image existing at various hierarchical levels of quantum reality (e.g. ethereal, astral and mental). Human body coded in DNA has its various representations at all hierarchical levels of physical reality in a form of multilevel human soul through which the universal divine Spirit is individualized in a concrete Man. The evolution can be imagined as a climbing through the dialectic helix step ladder. It is remarkable that DNA coding the evolutionary process is just the double-helix structure – step ladder.

Part I of this two-part article includes: The Unity Principle; The Vacuum; The Nature of Light; Expanding Universe; Nature of Space; and God, Universe, Man & DNA.

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